Fit for Growth

Fit for Growth
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Wiley, 288 pages

Very few organisations manage their expenses for sustainable success. And when the time inevitably comes to cut their costs, many companies cut in a way that makes them weaker, not stronger.

The experienced consultants with PwC’s Strategy team reveal the hidden problems of conventional cost management—and how your company can do better. Drawing on decades of research, observation, and experience helping clients, these experts have developed a unique approach to help CEOs and senior executives cut costs constructively.

The Fit for Growth concept redirects an organisation’s resources and investments toward its few differentiating capabilities—the strengths that set it apart from competitors.

When a company manages costs this way, it becomes fit for growth. Its cost structure, organisation, and culture are aligned with its strategy.

In this book, the authors take you through every detail of the Fit for Growth approach. They walk you step by step through the nine most important levers to restructure costs, complete with case studies, and practical examples from leading companies around the world. From mobilizing to scaling to executing to culture change and leadership, this valuable hands-on reference stays with you throughout the entire process.

It shows you how to:

  • Galvanise the executive team and the organisation to embark on a transformation
  • Apply cost reduction levers while avoiding common pitfalls
  • Overcome the shortcomings of basic change management techniques by using the best of your existing corporate culture
  • Confidently manage morale and keep the entire organisation engaged
  • Avoid falling back into old, unproductive behaviours
  • Apply proven tools and techniques for sustaining the benefits of the transformation.

For the first time, senior thought leaders with Strategy& share in detail their leading practices and collective experiences to help you enable change and cultural evolution in your own organisation.

Fit for Growth is your definitive game plan to cut costs and grow stronger.

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