Acropower to build waste to energy plant

Acromec Limited, an established specialist engineering service provider in the field of controlled environments serving mainly the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biomedical science,…

Segula Technologies opens office in Japan

The new office is located in Yokohama, a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.   Noritaka Tsuru, previously a…

RA launches Connected Services Experience Centre

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information solutions, has today announced the official opening of its…

Innovation through formulation

Azelis is excited to launch its new tagline: ‘Innovation through formulation’, which is a reinforcement of the company’s continuous investment in…

Case Studies

How much do robots affect jobs and productivity?

How much do robots affect jobs and productivity?

Robots’ capacity for autonomous movement and their ability to perform an expanding set of tasks have captured writers’ imaginations for almost a century. Recently robots have emerged from…

Reverse Engineering with 3D Measurement

Reverse Engineering with 3D Measurement

Reverse engineering is the process of duplicating an existing product without the aid of drawings, documentation, or computer models. In ordinary engineering, the product designer creates a drawing…

Manufacturing moving at the speed of business

Manufacturing moving at the speed of business

Humans are terrible at gauging speed. Jets never seem to be going 550 mph in the sky and 20 miles per hour in a school zone. Sometimes this…



Airlines can save money and the environment

More precise weather data means safer flights and smaller fuel consumption, as aircrafts can avoid unfavourable winds at given altitudes and start the descent…

MRJ Completes First Flight

Nagoya: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) today conducted the first flight of the first flight test aircraft for the MRJ (Mitsubishi…

The Interview

The Interview: FARO

The Interview: FARO

Spokesperson: CHEW Beow Kwan, Product Marketing Associate Manager, Asia Pacific, FARO Technologies. Please tell us what BuildIT Construction is all about? The BuildIT Construction software leverages on FARO’s…

Predictive maintenance: spend a little to save a lot

The Interview: KC Yee, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Siemens PLM.

Optimism high in 2014


Defining the IoT

How IIoT Is Impacting Design Engineers

Smart Manufacturing

Australian Defence looks to quantum mechanics for new technologies

NUM helps Taiwanese machine tool company automate production for robotics


Seequent and IMDEX to deliver real-time 3D visualisation for minerals drilling projects