Efacec Handling Solutions is now Consoveyo

Efacec Handling Solutions is now Consoveyo
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Consoveyo S.A. (Consoveyo), a global leading expert for automated material handling and storage systems, today officially announces its name change. Formerly known as Efacec Handling Solutions S.A. (EHS), Consoveyo previously belonged to the Efacec Group, the largest Portuguese corporation in the field of electromechanics and electronics, with a strong presence across various international markets.

Acquired by the international technology group, Körber AG, Consoveyo has been part of the Group’s Business Area Logistics Systems since September 2015. All subsidiaries under the company in Europe and Asia will now bear its new name. In Southeast Asia, Consoveyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. will continue to provide automated systems support to its customers in the region.

Alluding to the Portuguese words, ‘aconselhar’ (for consulting), ‘consenso’ (for consent), and ‘consolidar’ (for strengthening and reinforcing), Consoveyo pays homage to the company’s origins in Porto, Portugal, and underlines the company’s competencies and engineering expertise. Consoveyo is also associated to the word ‘convey’ in English, which describes the act of transporting products, communicating, and advising.

The new name aims to bind Consoveyo together with the other brand names within the Business Area Logistics Systems, to achieve better synergy within the Körber Group.

With more than 30 years of experience, Consoveyo is a global leader for automated material handling and storage systems. The company will continue to supply its customers in Europe and Asia with automated systems for intralogistics.

“The name change symbolizes an important milestone of our integration into the Business Area Logistics Systems and the Körber Group,” Jorge Couto, Chief Sales Officer at Consoveyo, explained.

“Being part of this economically strong and successful Group provides Consoveyo with sustainable and comprehensive future growth prospects – both as a business and as an employer. Our staff are excited about the prospects of this new chapter, where we can leverage on the Group’s international customer network, technologies, and the know-how of our sister companies within the Körber Logistics Systems, all while giving back by supporting them with Consoveyo’s solutions and business relations.”

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