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SINGAPORE: Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of advanced metal cutting systems, is now selling consumables for Kaliburn Spirit plasma cutting systems that last at least twice as long as the OEM consumables.

Testing shows the life expectancy of the consumables increases by two to three times when cutting at 275 amps and below, and increases more than 50 percent when cutting at 400 amps. In addition to lasting longer, the consumables deliver better and more consistent cut quality, resulting in the need for less secondary work.

The life and performance improvements are the result of advanced Hypertherm technology. SilverLine electrodes contain a solid silver front so they wear more slowly; CoolFlow nozzles have an angled o-ring, deep cooling contours and thicker walls to extend the working life; and the swirl ring is made with lava instead of ceramic, making it more robust and economical.

“These new Centricut consumables for Kaliburn reduce the overall cost of operation and deliver exceptional cut quality and process reliability,” said Martin Geheran, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s Centricut brand. “At the same time, they maintain the fast cutting speeds that are especially important in today’s economic environment.”

The Centricut brand consumables are available for all Kaliburn Spirit and ProLine systems. Like all Hypertherm products, they are precision manufactured to tight tolerances so customers get consistent, reliable performance from their cutting system.

Hypertherm’s Centricut brand engineers and manufactures advanced plasma and laser cutting consumables. Its product line includes consumables that deliver increased value to people who own most any non-Hypertherm cutting system including systems by ESAB, Kjellberg, and Trumpf. All Centricut brand products are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and incorporate the latest technological advances that help to reduce operating costs, while delivering increased cut speed and quality. Centricut products include free technical support and come with same-day shipping.



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