UNIST centre to promote 3D printing technology

In the picture: At the inauguration ceremony, (from left)  Mayor Ki-hyun Kim of Ulsan, UNIST President Mooyoung Jung.. The advancement of 3D printing and its impact on manufacturing have already been acknowledged by many industrialized countries. Indeed, a number of industries have been applying 3D printing technology to manufacture a wide array of items, from auto […]

PowerMILL ‘the best for five-axis’

PIC CAP: In-house manufacturing with PowerMILL has helped make Viking Yachts a world leader in semi-custom fibreglass yachts. “When it comes to CAM for five-axis programming, Delcam’s PowerMILL is hands down the easiest and best I have ever used,”states Jason Taylor, five-axis CNC programmer at Viking Yachts. His company first added the Delcam software after it […]