Ethernet Powerlink networking kit delivers a complete implementation

  HONG KONG: Avnet Design Services, part of Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia (, a business region of Avnet, Inc. AVT ( )), has announced a low-cost Ethernet Powerlink Industrial Networking Kit that delivers a total development platform for industrial networking applications. Co-developed with Xilinx and Texas Instruments with supporting technology from Austria;s B&R Automation, […]

Virtual engineering offers leaner, faster manufacturing

  In today’s fast-moving business environment, the ability to change automated assembly and production systems quickly and efficiently, at lowest cost and risk across multiple global locations, is vital. Now, innovative computer experts have created a software tool with the potential to save a wide variety of manufacturers many millions every year. Academics at Loughborough […]

Consumables have longer life

SINGAPORE: Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of advanced metal cutting systems, is now selling consumables for Kaliburn Spirit plasma cutting systems that last at least twice as long as the OEM consumables. Testing shows the life expectancy of the consumables increases by two to three times when cutting at 275 amps and below, and increases […]

Delcam’s FeatureCAM enables move to 3D machining

Picture:  With FeatureCAM, Mr. Waugh can now program anything that can be machined on his Haas Minimills. After adding Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system, Bruce Waugh has been able to move into 3D machining in the one-person machine shop, Waugh Machine, he runs in his garage in Camp Verde, Arizona. Until two years ago, he […]

New Mitsui Seiki HU63-T for Power Generation Parts

With the continuing evolution of machining requirements to satisfy new power generation production needs, Mitsui Seiki has introduced the HU63-T 5-xis CNC Machining Center. Typical applications include critical rotating components (Blisks, Impellers, & Turbine Disks) for gas turbine power generation systems. New features and specifications for the HU63-T include up 800 mm (31.5”) work diameter […]

See Hup Seng sets high benchmarks for materials handling

  Processing of steel is a tough assignment for lifting equipment. Not only does the hoisting technology have to cope with high volumes of heavy and unevenly shaped product in often challenging environments, but also it has to function at high levels of reliability and safety 24/7. See Hup Seng – a leading provider of […]

Power lifting partnership provides energy generators with a model of crane safety and maintenance

As one of the powerhouses of Asia-Pacific economic growth, Thailand invests heavily in electricity generating capacity to service its burgeoning major industries, including automotive and electrical manufacturing and tourism. The country, which has the second largest economy in South-East Asia after Indonesia, plans to increase total generating capacity from about 30,000 MW in 2009 to […]

Demand for motorcycles to approach 55 million units in 2014

Demand for motorcycles in China will increase 7.6 percent annually to 54.9 million units in 2014.  Electric motorcycles are expected to surpass gas motorcycles to become the leading motorcycle type sold in China. These comparatively new products will account for over three-fourths of aggregate motorcycle market growth.  Gas-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles will also […]

Icona Solutions addresses Chinese automotive industry

New partners will help Chinese automotive manufacturers increase the perceived quality of their vehicles through the use of Icona’s aesthetica software. Icona Solutions, Ltd., which develops, supplies and supports the innovative perceived quality simulation and visualisation software solution, aesthetica, has appointed its first two value-added resellers in China. Beijing-based Sili-Tech Co. Ltd. ( and Shanghai-based […]

Are your products getting to their market?

By Richard Maino Despite the best efforts of an international naval police force patrolling the Gulf of Aden and nearby seas, gangs of ruthless criminals can still capture highly valuable cargo ships and hold them to ransom. Most vessels hijacked by the modern pirates in the busy shipping lanes off the coast of Somalia have […]