Scaling integrated architecture for advanced automation control

PIC CAP: The key to integrated architecture lies in its scalability across multiple controllers and graphic interfaces utilising a common set of programming and configuration tools. Integrated Architecture facilitates the convergence of control and automation processes to streamline production and information management across an entire manufacturing or processing plant. Taking the approach that integrated architecture can […]

New insulating material from invasive ‘Apple of Sodom’

  PIC CAP: The fibers and seed pod of Calotropis procera. Commonly known as the Apple of Sodom, this shrub can grow up to 5 meters high. The Apple of Sodom (Calotropis procera) plant is often regarded as a nuisance, but thanks to researchers in Saudi Arabia it could now be the source of a novel […]

Eyes and Ears’ guard major oil pipeline

A high-tech UK security system has been chosen to protect a vital part of India’s energy infrastructure, the 670-kilometre-long Mangala oil pipeline. The Mangala is the world’s longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline. Operated by Cairn India it will have access to 75 per cent of IndiaÕs refining capacity after it reaches Bhogat in Gujarat. […]

3D tools added to ArtCAM Insignia artistic CADCAM

Delcam has added 3D modelling tools to ArtCAM Insignia A range of 3D modelling tools have been added to Delcam’s ArtCAM Insignia software for volume production of artistic items by signmakers, furniture manufacturers, engravers and sculptors of materials from wood or metal to ice. Like all the members of the ArtCAM family of software, Insignia […]

PolyU-made space tool sets for inter-planetary mission

A Russian spacecraft carrying the state-of-the-art space tool made by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) embarked on a one-year space journey to the Red Planet at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in November. This historical mission, also known as the “Phobos-Grunt” (which means soil of Phobos, the largest moon of Mars), marks the first […]

Using design automation to reduce costs and improve profitability

By Sharon Toh, General Manager, South Asia of SolidWorks.  Across most industries today, profit margins are narrow and will continue to become even thinner. Even in segments where margins are relatively healthy, competition and global outsourcing make cost reduction mandatory. Historically, the high cost of engineering has contributed so significantly to the attack on profit […]

Corning expands clean air products facility in China

  “Additional capacity will address increased global demand.”- Mark Beck     SHANGHAI: Corning Incorporated is incorporating a capital expenditure plan of approximately $170 million to further increase the capacity of its clean air products plant in Shanghai, China. The investment will be used to expand the Corning Shanghai Company Limited (CSCL) facility and to […]

FARO launches new version of Gage with Bluetooth technology

  A portable, cost-effective, 3D measurement solution for the machine shop. SINGAPORE: FARO Technologiest has enhanced its FARO Gage product line. These hardwareand software improvements will simplify usersÕ measurement workflow and enhance the productÕs portability. The new FARO Gage, with its fresh and elegant design, is now equipped with Bluetooth, solidifying its position as the […]

Great Wall Motor Company implements simulation and visualisation software

  Innovative software will help the automotive manufacturer to meet its new, higher perceived quality targets across its range of vehicles.       CHINA: Icona Solutions, which develops, supplies and supports the innovative perceived quality simulation and visualisation software solution, aesthetica, together with its Beijing-based business partner, Sili-Tech Co. Ltd., has announced that, following […]