Are your products getting to their market?

By Richard Maino Despite the best efforts of an international naval police force patrolling the Gulf of Aden and nearby seas, gangs of ruthless criminals can still capture highly valuable cargo ships and hold them to ransom. Most vessels hijacked by the modern pirates in the busy shipping lanes off the coast of Somalia have […]

Finding a good story for Google in China will be difficult

Finding a good story for Google in China will be difficult

Finding a good story for Google in China is going to be tough, says Andreas Pouros, chief operating officer at Greenlight, a leading independent search specialist marketing and technology firm. His comments follow on the back of Baidu’s results. These show it continues to dominate the search engine landscape in China. Baidu also reported its […]

Singapore most tax-friendly for entrepreneurs

A comparison of the taxes burden faced by start-ups in six economies reveals significant variation with Singapore coming out as the most tax-friendly jurisdiction. released a report that compares the tax policies of six countries: UK, USA, India, Australia, Russia, and Singapore. Using the tax rates for the year 2009, the report performs a […]

Power lifting partnership provides energy generators with a model of crane safety and maintenance

As one of the powerhouses of Asia-Pacific economic growth, Thailand invests heavily in electricity generating capacity to service its burgeoning major industries, including automotive and electrical manufacturing and tourism. The country, which has the second largest economy in South-East Asia after Indonesia, plans to increase total generating capacity from about 30,000 MW in 2009 to […]

Penang Port’s main line vision shared by Konecranes group

As the port of Penang undertakes the biggest expansion in its history it is employing worlds best practices to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the craneage system on which its cargo handling depends. PenangPort has ongoing maintenance arrangements with the global Konecranes Group to service its ship-to-shore cranes as it invests RM 1.10 billion […]

Online Banking Channel more popular in Asia-Pacific

Globally, access to the online channel has grown at a rapid pace, presenting huge opportunities for Financial Services providers to access the global community.  Data from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) show that 45% of the world’s internet users are currently from Asia or Africa compared to 40% in North America and Europe combined.  However […]

Latin America must see China as a trade threat, as well as a partner

Major Chinese investment in Latin America is now a regular event: Sinopec’s $7.1bn investment in Repsol’s Brazilian unit is just the latest example. Such deals are rightly celebrated with fanfare in Latin America. However, the long-run effects are uncertain – especially given that Latin American exports are losing badly to their Chinese counterparts in world […]

Large growth in equities for Chinese high net worth individuals

The share of total funds that Chinese high net worth individuals hold in equities is set to increase strongly, according to the latest research. Chinese high net worth individuals (HNW) currently hold a lower proportion of fund in equity compared to peers in the Asia-Pacific region. Datamonitor research* shows that this will change, with strong […]

Hypertherm Q&A: Metal-Cutting Trends in Asia

NZ Manufacturer’s Q&A session with Soo KT, General Manager, Hypertherm Asia 1. How would you say the metal cutting industry fared in 2010, globally and regionally? There definitely has been an improvement over 2009 with recovery in the Asian region, but less so in the international scene. Re-stocking of inventories may have contributed in part […]

Global materials handling leaders focus on Chittagong

The historic port of Chittagong on the Bay of Bengal is undergoing a renaissance as-infrastructure and economic development in the region drive rapidly expanding trade volumes through this major-export/import centre of Bangladesh. The bustling city of 3.5 million-has seen container volumes treble to more than a million containers a year over the past decade as […]