STG Aerospace expands product range with Malaysia Airlines

STG Aerospace expands product range with Malaysia Airlines
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Leading aircraft cabin lighting company, STG Aerospace, has expanded its saf-Tsign product range with a new self-adhesive, photoluminescent decal designed to subtly illuminate the AC outlet unit on airline seats.

Malaysia Airlines has become the launch customer for the latest saf-Tsign product which has been successfully installed across the airline’s fleet of A380 aircraft earlier this year.

The new saf-Tsign photoluminescent solution will enable passengers to find the AC outlet unit during low light or dark conditions. Easily installed, the decal can be customised to any size or shape, making it equally suitable for other applications on the seat such as headphone sockets and seat numbers. With a charging time of 5 to 45 minutes, depending on cabin light levels, the sign will deliver up to 14 hours of light output.

STG Aerospace has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality, industry-approved saf-Tsign products for over 20 years. The leading brand of photoluminescent emergency and informational signage, developed for both commercial and military fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, saf-Tsign is a low-cost, environmentally friendly, direct replacement for tritium signs. 100% fail-safe, saf-Tsign has the added benefit of zero operating costs and can be tailor-made to suit individual operators’ requirements.

Established in 1995, STG Aerospace is a world leader in lighting technologies for commercial and military aircraft interiors. Its products are currently installed in over 10,000 aircraft worldwide representing one third of the world’s passenger fleet.


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